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Monday 5/14
Team                              Pictures                          Batathon

Devlin                                   5:00pm                          5:15pm  (Majors Field)

Horan                             5:15pm                          5:30pm (Majors Field)

Yates                                5:30pm                          5:45pm(Majors Field)

Loomis                           5:45pm                          6:00pm(Majors Field)

Garcia                             6:00pm                          6:15pm(Majors Field)

Cruz                                6:15pm                          6:30pm(Majors Field)

Kabana                           6:30pm                          6:45pm(Pretball 1)

Engle                              6:45pm                          6:15pm(Pretball 1)

White                             7:00pm                          7:15pm(Majors Field)

Campbell                       7:15pm                          7:30pm(Majors Field)

Denofa                           7:30pm                          TBA-Softball Coordinator

Murray                           7:45pm                          TBA-Softball Coordinator

Tuesday 5/15

Jones                              5:15pm                          TBA-Softball Coordinator

Arch                                5:15pm                          5:30(Minors Field)

Evans                              5:30pm                          5:50pm(Tball 1)

Zanni                               5:45pm                          6:00pm(Tball 2)

Lapolla                           6:00pm                          6:15pm(Tball 1)

Trimble                          6:15pm                          6:30pm(Tball 2)

Kelly                                6:30pm                          6:45pm(Pretball1)

Moore                            6:45pm                          7:00pm(Pretball 2)

Greenblatt                     7:00pm                          7:15pm(Tball 1)

Mellors                          7:15pm                          7:30pm(Tball 2)

Rubinstein                     7:30pm                          7:45pm(Tball 1)

Cruz                                7:30pm                          7:45pm(Tball 2)          

Wednesday 5/16

Raniello                          5:15pm                          TBA- Softball Coordinator

(T)  Martell                    5:30pm                          Only Pictures

(T) C. Johnson               5:50pm                          Only Pictures

(T) Feliciano                  6:00pm                          Only Pictures

Johnson (A)                   6:10pm                          6:30pm(Pretball 1)

(T) Cantore                    6:20pm                          Only Pictures

(T) Kerrane                    6:40pm                          Only Pictures

C. Johnson                     7:00pm                          Directly After(Minors Field)

Dean                               7:15pm                          Directly After(Minors Field)

Kean                               7:15pm                          Directly After(Minors Field)                             


Thursday 5/17

Lyons                              4:45pm                          TBA- Softball Coordinator

Huber                             5:00pm                          5:15pm(Pretball 1)

Falkevitz                        5:15pm                          5:30pm (Minors Field)

Titus                               5:30pm                          After Game(Minors)

Kovack                           5:45pm                          After Game(Minors)

Leone                             6:00pm                          6:15pm(Tball 1)

Durocher                       6:15pm                          6:30pm(Pretball 1)

Velez                              6:30pm                          6:45pm(Pretball 2)

Greene                           6:45pm                          7:00pm(Pretball 1)

Gerth                              7:00pm                          TBA- Softball Coordinator

McCarthy                       7:15pm                          7:30pm(Pretball 2)

Johnson(M)                   7:30pm                          7:45pm(Tball 1)

Kerr/Brooks                  7:30pm                          7:45pm(Tball 2)


Team-By Coach
Picture Time
Batathon Time
Tball 2 Field
Tball Softball
Rubinstein 8:00am 8:30am Tball 1 Field Jim Martell Tball
Cruz 8:00am 8:30am Majors Mike Majors
Garcia 8:00am 8:30am Minors Field Jeff Beach Rookies
Leone 8:20am 8:40am Tball 2 Field Peter Tball
Jones 8:20am 8:40am JV Melissa & Debbie Shorties
Falkevitz 8:40am 9:00am Majors Field Jeff Beach Minors
Ajohnson 8:40am 9:00am Pretball 1 Jim Martell Pretball
Kovack 9:00am 9:20am Pretball 2 Peter Pretball
Cruz 9:00am 9:20am Tball 1 Field Jim Martell Tball
Evans 9:20am 9:40am Tball 2 Field Chris Johnson Tball
Yates 9:40am 10:00am Minors Field Miguel Garcia Rookies
Ranniello 9:40am 10:00am Jv Melissa & Debbie Shorties
Kean 10:00am 10:20am Majors Field Jeff/Mike Minors
Velez 10:00am 10:20am Pretball 1 Field Erik Pretball 1
Titus 10:00am 10:20am Pretball 2 Field Peter Pretball 2
20 Minutes Hold
Greenblatt/White 10:40am 11:00am Tball 1 Field Jim Martell Tball Softball
Lyons 10:40am 11:00am JV Melissa & Debbie Minors Softball
Dean 11:00am 11:20am Majors Field Mike Minors
Loomis 11:00am 11:20am Minors Field Miguel Garcia Rookies
Durocher 11:20am 11:40am Pretball 1 Field Erik Pretball
McCarthy 11:20am 11:40am Pretball 2 Field Peter Pretball
Brooks 11:40am 11:40am Tball 2 Field Chris Johnson Tball
Lapolla 11:40am NOON Tball 1 Field Jim Martell Tball
Gerth 11:40am NOON JV Melissa & Debbie Softball
NOON 12:20pm Majors Field Jeff/Mike Majors
Devlin NOON 12:20pm Minors Field Miguel Garcia Rookies
Engle 12:20pm 12:40pm Pretball 1 Field Erik Pretball
Greene 12:20pm 12:40pm Pretball 2 Field Peter Pretball
Johnson 12:40pm 1:00pm Tball 1 Field Jim Martell Tball
Kerr 12:40pm 1:00pm Tball 2 Field Chris Johnson Tball
Murray 1:00pm 1:20pm JV Melissa & Debbie Majors Softball
Arch 1:00pm 1:20pm Majors Field Jeff/Mike Minors
Horan 1:20pm 1:40pm Minors Field Miguel Garcia Rookies
Huber 1:20pm 1:40pm Pretball 1 Field Erik Pretball
Kabana 1:40pm 2:00pm Pretball 2 Field Peter Pretball
Trimble 1:40pm 2:00pm Tball 1 Field Jim Martell Tball
DeNofa 2:00pm 2:20pm JV Melissa & Debbie Seniors
Arch 2:00pm 2:20pm Majors Field Jeff/Mike Minors
Kelly 2:00pm 2:20pm Pretball 1 Field Erik Pretball
Moore 2:20pm 2:40pm Pretball 2 field Peter Pretball
Zanni 2:20pm 2:40pm Tball 1 Field Jim Martell Tball Softball
Mellors 2:40pm 3:00pm Tball 2 Field Ralph Tball Softball
Johnson 3:00pm 3:20pm Majors Field Jeff/Mike Minors

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